Behavior-based interview questions: WORK STANDARDS

Setting high, personally derived goals or standards of performance for self
and expecting similarly high goals  and performance from others and the
organization. Dissatisfied with average, near enough or second best.
Most jobs require that people do a good job for the sake of a job well done
and set high personal standards for  themselves and their employees.
These people will do more than what is required.
1. What are the standard expectations for a good job in each aspect
of your job? Do you meet or surpass them?
2. Describe situations in which your work was above standard
expectations. Below expectations.
3. What expectations do you use when judging the performance of
4. Have you ever dismissed or disciplined an employee for poor
5. Have you ever disagreed  with your supervisor during a
performance evaluation? How did you handle it?
6. Do your personal standards exceed the expectations of  your
organization? If so, give three examples of how you exceeded the
organization’s expectations to give your “personal best.”

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