Behavior-based interview questions: TEAMWORK (COOPERATION)

Active participation in, and facilitation of, team effectiveness; taking
actions that demonstrate consideration for the feelings and needs of
others; being aware of the effect of one’s behaviors on others.
Active cooperation by every member is vital to team success. Team
members cannot sit back and observe or allow others to do the work; they
must work proactively to achieve group goals and facilitate cohesiveness.
Effective teams are not just collections of people. Rather, they are an
entity that is greater than the sum of its parts. This means that team
members must work together closely and make every effort to support and
cooperate with each other. Teamwork involves a work group, such as the

people composing a self-directed work team or all the people involved on
a special project.
1. Describe some team projects in which you participated.
2. Have you ever served on a team that had experienced problems?
What happened? How did you solve the problem?
3. Have you ever served on a team and had a different opinion than
the rest of the group? What kind  of agreement did you finally
reach? Did you support the final decision?
4. How do you introduce your suggestions, opinions and information
to a team? How do you receive information from others?

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