Behavior-based interview questions: SELECTION,PROMOTION DECISION MAKING

Using established criteria when making selection/promotion decisions;
gathering information relative to those criteria through effective
interviewing and other assessment techniques.

The first step in maintaining a productive organization is employing topperforming people. Later, the supervisor must train them, lead them, manage
their work, and create a rewarding work environment. These
responsibilities are very important, but they will fail if the first step is not
taken. Effective selection/promotion of employees can result in more
employee output, less training time, better use of supervisors’ coaching
time, less turnover and more time for the supervisor to manage.
Employees want more responsibility and new opportunities. Successful
supervisors develop skills and offer opportunities for career growth.
1. How do you plan for an interview?
2. What criteria do you consider  when making a selection/promotion
3. Have you ever hired or promoted an employee? Explain the
process you used.
4. What interviewing and assessment techniques do you use to
objectively gather information about interviewees to make a sound
selection/promotion decision?
5. What are the important requirements for an employee in the
positions you supervise?
6. Explain what steps you take  to comply with  federal and  state
requirements when selecting/promoting staff?

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