Behavior-based interview questions: NEGOTIATION


Gaining mutual agreement on, or acceptance of, a decision or course of
action from individuals with real or perceived conflicting interests.
Some jobs require people who know when to give in on a point and when
to stand firm. They know when to  argue their case, raise questions and
make compromises in the best interests of all parties. Negotiation can be
between peers and co-workers, supervisors and employees, or involve
citizens, suppliers, or other outside agencies. Though related to
Leadership/Influence, negotiation focuses on the ability to deal with actual
differences of opinion and conflicting interests.
1. Describe your most satisfying experience in gaining support for an
action from a group who initially had a conflicting interest.
2. Discuss two instances where you had to compromise with other
3. How do you handle co-workers,  supervisors, employees, outside
agencies or private citizens who have a different opinion than you
do about an important issue involving your program?
4. Explain how you settled a disagreement or problem among
opposing parties.
5. Describe your action when your  ideas were challenged during a