Behavior-based interview questions: ORAL COMMUNICATION

Expressing ideas effectively in individual  and group situations (including
nonverbal communication); adjusting  language or terminology to the
characteristics and needs of the audience.
Many jobs require people who can speak effectively. The focus is on the
form of the communication, not the content. Oral communication focuses
more on informal day-to-day expression of thoughts, ideas and
information. Oral  presentation is more appropriate for jobs that require
frequent formal and/or planned presentations.
1. What steps do you take to  insure adequate understanding of
information by different audiences when you are communicating?
2. Give two examples of presentations you were required to give and
how you accomplished them?
3. What different approaches do you use when talking to different
groups of people?
4. Give three examples of incidents when you communicated
information to a client and the client remarked that they did not
understand it. What steps did you take to correct the situation?
5. All of us have had situations where we had difficulty explaining a
subject over the phone. How have you corrected those situations
when they occurred?
6. What complicated concepts, ideas, policies or practices have you
had to explain?