Behavior-based interview questions: ORAL PRESENTATION

Presenting ideas effectively to individuals or groups when given time for
preparation (including nonverbal communication and use of visual aids);
targeting presentations to the characteristics and needs of the audience.
Some employees must make prepared presentations. Generally such
presentations are planned and can be given before large groups (business
briefings) or individuals. The key to the presentation’s success is that the
speaker has time to prepare. The  presentation must follow a logical
sequence, develop issues and ideas succinctly, state needs and
recommendations clearly, and address  the listener’s goals  and levels of
1. What steps do you take to prepare for a presentation?
2. How do you determine  an audience’s needs, interests, attitudes
and level of awareness?
3. Describe a presentation you made within the last 12 months. What
kind of feedback did you get?
4. Describe a situation when you tailored a presentation to fit the
needs of the audience?
5. How do you handle difficult questions or check for clarity during
public speaking?