Behavior-based interview questions: INTEGRITY


Maintaining social, ethical, and  organizational norms in job-related
Most jobs demand that individuals do what is morally and ethically right.
It might be possible at times to get away with something  without
being  found out, but it is important that employees do what is morally
and ethically right.

1. Discuss an instance when you  could not honor a commitment or
had to renege on a promise? How did you notify affected persons?
Did they understand?
2. Most regulations leave some leeway for interpretation. Discuss a
few examples of when you had to stretch or bend the rules.
3. Describe a situation where you  broke a rule or came close to
breaking it. What were your reasons?
4. Have you ever had to confess or admit to a mistake in the
workplace? Discuss the situation.
5. Describe some instances when  you kept commitments to others
even to your own detriment? Do you feel you did the right thing?
6. What action(s) have you taken when you observed others breaking
the rules?