Behavior-based interview questions: TENACITY

Staying with a job or plan until the desired objective is achieved or is no
longer reasonably attainable.
Some jobs require people who, when faced with obstacles, keep trying to
achieve their goals. Tenacity is indicated by the number of attempts to
achieve the goal.
1. Describe a situation in which you had some difficulties in achieving
desired results. How did you succeed?
2. What is a major obstacle you have had to overcome in the past 12
3. Describe a situation where you had inadequate resources to
accomplish your objectives and how you overcame the deficiencies
to succeed anyway.
4. Describe a situation when you suddenly discovered that the results
you were getting would not  meet  desired expectations. What did
you do to rectify the situation?
Working well under pressure and/or against opposition.
Many jobs need people who can work well and stay positive in a stressful
work environment. Stress can be caused by time pressure, opposing
ideas, group pressures and/or task difficulty. If one or more of these
sources of stress are normally part of the job, then tolerance for the
specific stress is important
1. What parts of your current job do you find most stressful?
2. Describe a stressful situation you were involved in such as a project
with time pressures, on extremely difficult projects, or dealing with
an irate client.
3. Under what tight deadlines are you currently working?
4. Describe an emergency in which you were involved? How did you
stay calm?
5. How do you reduce your own stress level on the job?