Behavior-based interview questions:INFORMATION MONITORING


Setting up on-going procedures to  collect and review information
necessary to manage projects or departments; taking action to monitor or
regulate processes, tasks, or activities; keeping track of delegated
assignments and projects.
All managerial and some individual jobs need people who can track and
control activities, assignments, tasks and projects. Monitoring devices
include direct observation, requests  for written or oral reports, and
feedback and reporting systems. Information Monitoring is associated with
delegation because it deals with following up delegations to track
effectiveness and determine where help is needed. However, information
monitoring also applies to activities beyond those of employees. Effective
information monitoring systems prevent  surprises and letdowns because
progress, trends and changes are tracked, monitored and reported.

1. How do you stay abreast of processes, tasks and activities in your
2. What types of monitoring devices do you use to track and control
activities in your job?
3. How do you follow up on responsibilities you have delegated to
4. Have you ever had an employee who needed help to accomplish
tasks? How did you reach the conclusion that the employee needed
5. How do you track the effectiveness of your employees’ efforts?