Sample letter: Acceptance of a job offer

Accepting a job offer (in addition to cause for celebration!) ethically obligates you to:

• Keep your word.

• Cease job search efforts.

• Promptly notify other employers who have communicated to you that you are under consideration that you must withdraw your name from their consideration.

• First means of notice: a courteous phone call. Make every effort to speak to your contact in person rather than leaving a voice mail message for this purpose.

• Follow up your phone call in writing; sample below. Use e-mail or hard copy depending on the pattern and mode of communication you have had with the employer. Hard copy is more formal; if you have already had an interview with the employer, that more formal means of communication may be adviseable.

Failing to notify employers that you are withdrawing from the job search is discourteous, and potentially dishonest. It’s essentially leaving the employer with a misperception that you are still interested in the job.


Sample letter: Acceptance of a job offer:

Hard copy format shown.

If this were sent as e-mail, your signature block (address, contact info) would appear below your name at the end, and of course there is no handwritten signature on e-mail; no date necessary since e-mail sending creates a date/time record.

1234 College Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 555-0000

March 1, 20xx

Mr. Johnathon P. Summers
Summers Fruit Company
1678 Plantation Road
Atlanta, GA 46201

Dear Mr. Summers:

Thank you for your offer of employment as a horticultural associate at your Fruitville, Florida, site. As we discussed on the phone this morning, I am delighted to accept your offer and look forward to beginning work with Summers Fruit Company.

You indicated that I will be receiving a salary of $______ per year, and will have initial duties reporting to Andrea Caruso.  As your offer stated, I will begin work on August 1st.  In mid-July, after relocating to the area, I will call you to see what information or materials I may need before August 1st. In the meantime, please let me know if I can provide you with any information.

Again, thank you for offering me this exciting opportunity. I am very enthused about beginning my career with you after graduation.


(your signature)

Your name