BEHAVIOR-based interview questions: ADAPTABILITY

Remaining effective while dealing with different people or in various
situations,  tasks and responsibilities.
Many jobs in state government require employees to be effective in
various  situations. Some jobs involve a wide range of tasks while other
jobs require work with clients and/or individuals who have different
cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.
1. Describe how you adjusted when priorities or procedures were
2. Describe a work situation when you interacted with people from
different cultural, social and  economic backgrounds. Were you
effective? How?
3. How have you remained effective in your job when you experienced
changes such as reorganization, a new supervisor, new
procedures, legislative changes or conflicting priorities?
4. Have you ever had to move  from one group to another? What
adjustments did you have to make?
5. What strategies would you use  in a small group meeting if there
were divergent opinions or solutions proposed to solve a problem?
6. Have you ever had the primary mission of your job or a task change
completely in a short period of time? What did you do?