Working effectively with others, outside the line of formal authority, to
accomplish organization goals and to identify and resolve problems.
Individuals often find themselves in the middle of challenging relationships
that require great skill to handle. Because most activities outside of the
immediate work unit involve a number of people,  collaboration is
important. Collaboration  will make the best use of resources when no
direct reporting relationship exists. Collaboration is different from
teamwork because collaboration refers to working with other employees
outside of your immediate work group. An employee might work with
individuals in other units, divisions or agencies within or outside of North
Carolina State Government, or the general public.
1. Describe how you handled a problem relationship with someone
from another work unit, division or agency.
2. Explain how you worked with  someone outside your immediate
work group to accomplish a common goal.
3. How have you identified and resolved a problem with others outside
your normal line of authority?
4. Discuss a situation in which you were assigned to work in a group
and had to share your  knowledge, resources, etc. with the group
and they had to share theirs with you.
5. Describe a situation in which  you and another member of a work
group had different opinions about a topic. What happened?


Originating action to improve existing conditions and processes; using
appropriate methods to identify opportunities, implement solutions and
measure impact.
Some jobs require employee to make continuous effort to improve delivery
of services, business processes and the like.