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Interview Tips for Students , Campus Interview

What to Expect in a Typical On-Campus Interview
•    Interviews are usually 30 minutes in length – arrive 10 minutes early so the interview can begin promptly.
•    The interviewer will usually spend a few minutes at the beginning introducing himself/herself and giving some
information about the company and job openings – it is fine for you to take notes.
•    The interviewer will ask questions based on the student’s resume – he/she will want to hear specific examples of
behaviors from past experiences, not hypothetical or vague answers.
•    Time will be left at the end for your questions – be sure to have specific questions about the job openings or
location, etc.
•    If you want to highlight or point out something you’ve accomplished that didn’t come out in the interview, mention
it to the interviewer at the end if there is time.
•    Ask for the interviewer’s business card if he/she hasn’t already given you one.

Do’s and Don’ts
•    Answer questions honestly, thoroughly, and sincerely – if you don’t know the answer, indicate that.
•    Do not try to tell the interviewer what you think he/she wants to hear.
•    Don’t be afraid to discuss your successes and most positive traits.
•    Be careful about saying negative things about past experiences (e.g. insult a company that you interned with).
•    Don’t display a negative or arrogant attitude.
•    Be polite, tactful, and sincere – eye contact is also important.
•    Be neatly and appropriately dressed in professional business attire (conservative, not trendy).
•    Do not be late unless there is an emergency!

How to Prepare Ahead of Time
•    Confirm the date, time, and location for your interview with Career Services or via their online information.
•    Review the company’s website and any literature you’ve obtained – know the latest “news” about the company.
•    Talk to any students on campus that has interned/co-oped with the company (Career Services or the co-op office can
tell you).
•    Generate quality questions to ask about the company based on what you’ve read and heard – don’t just ask questions
for the sake of asking them – make them count.
•    Review your resume again to make sure everything is accurate and that you’re prepared to answer any questions
pertaining to it.
•    If for any reason you must cancel or withdraw from an interview, contact the company and/or Career Services
promptly – don’t be a “no-show”.
•    If the company needs an employment application or other forms filled out before the interview, do this as soon as
you receive them and submit them by the deadline.
•    Find out whether you need to bring your transcripts to the interview (Career Services should be able to tell you).
•    Even though the interviewer already has your resume, bring an extra copy to the interview just in case he/she needs
another one.

•    Email or write a “thank-you” note to the interviewer – email is perfectly acceptable.
•    Provide the interviewer with updated contact information if it’s changed since you last communicated with him/her.
•    If you are receiving other offers/have deadlines and need to hear back from the company, contact the interviewer to
get an updated status and explain your timeframe.
•    If you think of any questions that you forgot to ask during the interview, don’t hesitate to email them to the
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